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Preparedness by HermitInPassing Preparedness by HermitInPassing
Jan was SO not ready for this next test.  She'd stayed up late partying the night before, blissfully unaware that her study sheet sat untended on her desk back home.  With only gym class now standing between her and the dreaded math exam, she figured she only had one choice: there were rumors floating around the school that the chemistry teacher had developed a potion that would double the brain power of anyone who took it.  With those sorts of smarts, who needed studying?  

The potion was easy enough to come by.  Jan had a sort of "track record", one could say, with the school.  Through necessity, she'd learned how to obtain the master key to any classroom.  And there it was, the potion!  Right there in the open.  She uncorked the bottle and was just about to chug it down, when the bell rang for next period.  Gym it was.

As she undressed in the locker room in preparation for class, she waited for her opportunity.  When the room was empty of everyone but her, Jan finally found her chance.  With complete disregard for safety, she upturned the bottle and chugged its pinkish contents, ready to start feeling smarter any second.  She waited.  And waited.  And it didn't happen.  And while she waited, she began to feel a ferocious itch at the base of her spine.  It grew worse and worse, until she could hardly stand it, and when she reached down to scratch the itch-- her spine extended beneath her fingertips.  She was growing a tail.

Horrified, Jan watched her transformation the best she could, considering it all happened behind her.  What was one second a short tail grew in five to nearly the length of her body, a fleshy and smooth extension right above the band of her underwear.  The tip began to swell, and she could swear she could hear a moaning sound from the growing bulge.  It began to develop eyes, a nose, a mouth with sensually parted lips, and as a cascade of brown hair burst from the very end of her tail, Jan found herself looking at her exact reflection.  The head was her own.  Her own head turned, the entire tail bending with it, to look at her.

Neither of them spoke for what felt like hours.  Finally, the original Jan worked up her nerve.  "What... the hell are you?!"

"My name is Jan," the tail-head responded.  "And with me, our body now has double its brain power.  I am exactly what you wanted.  Isn't it great?"

Well, she had to give the professor credit.  His potion did exactly as advertised.  But there was no way she was showing up to her exam now.


This idea wouldn't leave my head, I just had to draw it.  I think I'll possibly be drawing Jan and Jan again in the future.
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